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What’s your Spraytan style?

Darkest of bronze or au naturel?

Whether you like to go as dark as your tan will take you or just a subtle kiss from the “sun” look, here at Studio Fifty1 we have what it takes to get you there.

Many of you know that sometimes what’s in the bottle is not a one size fit all option. Sometimes we want that aforementioned “kiss from the sun” ☀️ but let’s be honest, we want the damn kiss to be memorable so sometimes we need a teeny bit darker than what the bottle offers.


Consider us the tan scientists 👩‍🔬 as we mix and match to get that perfect percentage of DHA onto your freshly exfoliated (of course right?) skin.

What happens next?

Now we wait. While your tan develops you’ll notice your skin becoming darker and darker, with results varying between 3, 6, 8 and even 24 hours depending on the solution used.  We’ll always give you instructions based on the products used at your appointment.


Once your tan has developed, you can hop in that shower for your first rinse.  Hop in and hop out we like to say.  Yeah a bit dramatic but we need to emphasize that this is just a rinse, not a full blown clean up shower.  You’ll stay in until the water runs clear.  While seeing all this colour swirl down the drain may seem counterproductive, we can assure you that your tan will still be there! It’s simply the added bronzer that you’re washing away.

After Care/ Products:

Once your rinse is done, pat yourself dry. Once dry, lather on Studio Fifty1’s own body butter for best results.  Ask around…the proof is in the pudding!  At under $20.00 for an all natural,  no preservatives, heavenly smelling moisturizer you can’t go wrong. 🖤

Preparing for your next Spraytan with Sheri or Steph:

So the time has passed and now you’re ready for your next tan? Im case you haven’t heard us say it enough, it’s time to exfoliate!! Grab Studio Fifty1’s own body scrub to help exfoliate and prepare your skin for your next appointment. Again, at under $20.00 for this all natural, no preservatives, heavenly smelling scrub, you can’t go wrong (is there an echo in here)!


Wondering where you can get your hands on our product? Slide into those DMs on Instagram and/or stock up at your next Spraytan sesh.

Questions? Hit us up. We truly love to hear from you!

  • by stephy b of studio fifty1

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