1st Spray Tan?


  • Exfoliating is very important because it will help your tan last longer. The best way to do this is to use a sugar scrub in combination with exfoliating gloves. It's best to head to your spray tan with exfoliated, clean skin, otherwise, the colour may turn out patchy and streaky and last for less time.

  • Please shower and shave the day before an appointment using a glycerin soap, if possible.

  • The time to moisturize is in the weeks before a spray tan. DO NOT use any moisturize or deodorant or oils the day of your tan. Using the wrong kind of lotion or too much lotion can actually result in a splotchy disaster. Glycerin-based products are ideal and will leave less of a residue on your skin.


  • Drinking lots of water also helps the longevity of your tan! The more hydrated you are, the longer it last and more evenly it fades … Good skin starts from within so if you really want to glow, make sure you are well hydrated.

  • Don't hop right into the pool or the ocean after a spray tan. 


  • It's also not a good idea to head right from a spray tan appointment to the gym, to the shower, or to work, unless your work allows dark, baggy clothes.

  • You may have to change your schedule slightly, at least for the first 12 hours after a tan. Hot yoga or an intense bike ride? Maybe skip it for the day. You deserve a day off.


  • Your instinct might tell you to get a spray tan the night before a wedding or a prom so that it looks fresh, but please, please ignore your instinct. Tans can be at their most intense the day after a spray, which can translate as unnatural if something goes awry.

  • It’s best to get sprayed two days before a big event so you will have already washed off the first layer of the tan, it will have settled into your skin, and you can add your own moisturizer. You also have the ability to see how it turned out and make sure that it's perfect. And if, god forbid, it isn't [right], you have some time to get it fixed or touched up.


  • We are located on the second floor at 365 Bank St. The door is kept locked at all times. Please text us when you have arrived and we will meet you at the door to let you in. Stephanie: 613-868-9173 or Sheri: 613-809-3256. Please note there are stairs up to our studio.  

  • Upon entry to the studio you will be asked to complete a quick intake form. All information is kept confidential. This also allow us to keep track of the solutions used for your tan.

  • We will escort you to your private change room.

  • Robes are available upon request. Robes are used once then cleaned and bagged for protection. You may opt to bring your own robe.

  • Spay tans can be applied while you wear a bathing suit, underwear/bra, or in your birthday suit.

  • Spray tan solutions will wash out of most clothing. We recommend wearing dark loose clothing.

  • We provide you with sticky feet, barrier cream, and a hair net.

  • Spray tans are completed with a spray tan gun and not in a spray tan booth. The spay tan solution is cool when applied. We do our best to keep our studio cozy and warm during your treatment.

  • The actual spay tan takes 15-20 min.

  • Once you have been completely and thoroughly tanned, we will set you up in front of a heater and fan for 5 minutes to dry off. During this time our tanning experts will advise you of your tan aftercare.

  • And voila. You are now a bronzed babe.